WordPress Developer Experts

We are true WordPress  developer experts.  When we build a site for a customer – we create a custom design and then code a custom theme specifically for that customer.  We do not use a stock theme or wysiwig editor.  We get a few calls a week from customers who hired a local WordPress expert for a custom site to find out that their web designer just bought a stock theme and changed the logo and colors.  The challenge with that is when you need to do something specific for your business it becomes a nightmare to work with those designers.  Many of them have no idea how to code css or build a theme.  So they call us to come in and fix things.

Here are just a few things we routinely get called to clean up and fix:

  • WordPress Plugin Conflicts
  • WordPress Security Hacks and Virus Cleanup
  • Improve Speed on Bloated WordPress Websites
  • Custom Themes for Existing Content
  • Add Photo Galleries
  • Make Phone Numbers Click to Call
  • Fix Responsive Theme Issues
  • Add Various Forms
  • Add eSignature Capabilities for Applications
  • Fix Layout Issues
  • Add eCommerce Capabilities
  • Create Design Widgets
  • Collect Emails for Mailing
  • Fix Issues after updating WordPress and Plugins