Ecommerce Website Repair

We have over 20 years experience in working with eCommerce websites.  We started with building custom shopping carts on Unix and Windows Platforms. As the years have gone by, we now work solely on open-source platforms. If you have an eCommerce site now, you have probably found that the typical low cost website designer may not have the skills to make your cart work the  way you want it to.  Realistically, you can have a high school kid add a template to wordpress or joomla and get a site and add a shopping cart plugin.  BUT – years of experience is needed to understand the checkout process and to be able to make that shopping cart work properly.  We specialize in fixing and repairing websites built by less experienced designers and are experts at solving complicated challenges.  We handle osCommerce, Magento and custom php based carts.

For those of you who have carts based on Joomla, we are experts with Virtuemart (which we prefer due to its customization), hikashop and Tienda.

If you are using WordPress – we support all the cart plugins available.   We are experts at woocommerce and have written numerous plugins  for it.  One of our plugins is the Raffle Ticket Generator for hosting online raffles. While there may be a new one that pops up – chances are good that we have worked on what you have.

Here is just a partial list of some of the things we are fixing or repairing on shopping carts:

  • Guest Checkout and User Registration
  • Unique Serial Number generation and product downloads
  • Product Page formatting and navigation
  • Payment modules and integration
  • Order Export downloads for specific order fulfillment centers
  • Custom Coupon Code generation
  • Product grouping – custom package assemblies
  • Themes and continuity between shopping carts and main sites
    (example – a cart and checkout in osCommerce or Magento and then mobile site and or a main html site for loadbalancing, speed, customization, etc)
  • Single page checkout
  • Order email customization
  • Custom sales reporting
  • Google Analytics eCommerce tracking
  • Security and Hacking protection and repair

Chances are if you have a challenge with an eCommerce website – we have the experience and knowledge to help you repair it.  We handle large and small projects and we do quite a few projects that are only a few hours – we play well with others and are happy to work on just a certain problem if you are happy with your current web designer or website developer and they just need a little assistance with a specific function.  Call today to to find out how we can help you!